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Ken Stimpson School Wall Art

  • Concept and Design
  • Scaled wall plans
  • Liaising with installation company

WD Creative was tasked with creating two bold and eye-catching corridor display graphics to inspire both pupils and visitors to the school.

A History timeline to inspire and illustrate prominent events throughout Britain’s unique history relevant to the schools curriculum.

Also a Geography display called ‘Our Diverse World’ showcasing geographical points of local interest and environments of the wider world.

Working in partnership with Fastsigns Peterborough for print and installation, the final results really transformed the corridor in a exciting and informative way.

KSCS Geography Wall Art
KSCS Geography Wall Art 1
KSCS Geography Wall Art 2
KSCS Geography Wall Art 3
KSCS History Wall Art
KSCS History Wall Art 1
KSCS History Wall Art 3
KSCS History Wall Art 2